Alien V.S Predator Movie Review!

•September 24, 2013 • 7 Comments


Yesterday I saw the movie Alien V.S Predator, and just one word… GO 2004! :P. What I saw the movie I actually didn’t expect much cause the 2 movies were made in the 1900s, but I stand corrected! And since the movie was made in 2004 the graphics were better (a lot better) and they actually added a mother alien in this movie like they did in the 2nd alien (called aliens). And what I really found interesting is that the Predators used the aliens as traps for trespassers.


#####################THINGS I LIKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE########################

Things I liked about this movie was that (for me because I saw alien 1 and 2) they picked up right from where they ended (again because I only saw alien 1 and 2 so don’t get mixed up or exited lol) and it was a very cool and funny movie. Me and mom have a joke about the mother alien, because the way the mother alien sounds when she walks (sounds like metal clinging together) it sounds like she’s (mother alien) wearing stilettos… Ikr… ANYWAY back on topic, I really like how the mother alien’s design is like, how she’s tall and and boney and has a huger head (or head piece thing) and how it looks like a crown, but one creepy gross this is that she can separate from her egg sack…. just…gross……. yea… XD.

#####################Things I UNLIKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE######################


Things I didn’t like about this movie is that they made this movie a cliff hanger… That’s all…


So I think I will give this movie 9 out of 10 Predator Dreadlocks.


I hope you like this movie review, if you did do all positive stuff to it… Yea… That totally makes sense…


Cya guys! :3

Pacific Rim Review

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Yes yes I know I haven’t been posting and I have an excuse… um. work?

This review is about the movie Pacific Rim

It is mainly about How the scientists have found out that the Kaiju (alien) does not come from the sky but from the ground, and after many attacks they knew that this would never stop and they would take over some day.

So the world decided to end the fights between each other and decide to make “monsters” of their own so they make these gigantic robotic structures to fight back the Kaiju and to see if they would back down and stop them once and for all so they can live in a place they can call a home, a place they don’t have to worry about any troubles but just having peace with one another.


In the battles of the human race and the Kaiju’s it would always be an overcast and rain and that was just to expecting for me because yea, sure, that would be a cool battle if it was in that kind of background but it does indeed get “annoying” or just plain “old” but the good part is that after the “apocalypse” was over the sun finally came out but so far that was the only issue so me.


Just how they made the movie related in the future “that was actually in 4 years in the future” and that it was not just a regular movie about apocalyptic events and the end of the world and aliens but, they added twists in it and made you have so much SUSPENSE to find out what happened next and think ‘is something interesting or normal going to happen.’

So If I had to rate this movies I would rate it…
8 Kaiju’s out of 10

If the movie sounds interesting check out the trailer and stuff.

And sorry I haven’t been blogging, I was just very busy.

CYA GUYS! (And gals 😉 )

pacific rim

Fallen City

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As we all know Camden once was a very very rich city but the less rich or less wealthy came in and “took over” of Camden but now they are now starting to make expensive houses so the less wealthy people cant afford and start to move away so they can make Camden again a rich city. Camden is considered a fallen city to me because of the richness they once had until they became all ghetto and shooting in the middle of the night and robbing and even gangs in the city. But i just really hop that Camden will stop being the 2nd most dangerous place in the county next to Detroit Michigan in 1st. As always this was a quick blog and cya later guys! 😀

Jurassic Park 3D Movie Review!

•April 7, 2013 • 1 Comment

Hey guys I’m back with another blog in a day (yea a day how surprising :P) but today I watched Jurassic Park in 3D today 4/6/13. It was my most favorite movie since i was like 8 or possibly 6 cause i remember seeing it when i was so small and cute :P. Jurassic Park in 3D was the first one and it was cool like when the t-Rex destroyed the electric fence and it looked like it popped out at you (that’s what 3D is supposed to do :P) but this movie was really good i loved the story line of how it began with the archeologist finding the fossils and a guy comes in and gives them an idea of going to his new park with dinosaurs then ever since the power went out the whole place went into CHAOS then of course the people survive and come out alive. But i think in the second movie of Jurassic Park (i forgot) they go back to Jurassic Park and see that the whole place is damaged and wrecked probably from the t-Rex’s and or the raptors also with the cute small dinosaurs that ate a little girl on the shore line of the island and she was gone but i forgot which movie that was from in the Jurassic Park series. But that was my review on my blog and yea. Cya guys! 😀

How dumb can people be!

•April 6, 2013 • 1 Comment

Oh, I have all my fingers, The knife goes chop, chop, chop

If I miss the spaces in between, My fingers will come off.

And if I hit my fingers, The blood will soon come out,

But all the same I play this game, ‘Cause that’s what its all about!

Oh, chop chop chop chop chop chop chop, I’m picking up the speed,

and If I hit my fingers then my hand will start to bleed.

Now you must wonder what the heck you just read? well this is called the Knife Game Song yea! you heard me! Knife Game Song! like the title says how dumb can people be! The knife game song has actually started in a 1980’s movie “Aliens” people play this on you tube, parties, possibly in school! it is becoming almost as famous as the Harlem Shake (which i love the song so much but not really the videos :P). But if you watch on you tube there is a video called you tuber’s react to knife game song watch it and it will show you a lot of info about it and how stupid people can be! (its from TheFineBros) This is letting me start to understand that our society and community (and the world because it is world wide) knowledge is going down hill fast! like if you are stupid enough to do this you then deserve the consequences, going to work or to school or to a friends with stubs for fingers! (sorry for goriness lol). But anyway this was a quick blog about how dumb people can be. cya later guys! 🙂

Hunger Games Catching Fire Review

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(WARNING SPOILER ON FULL BOOK!) I have finished reading Hunger Games Catching Fire last month. About how Katniss has waited to let her and Peeta’s hands down how she just wanted to go back to her house and see her mother and to see Prim. But she has won prizes form the game of course so now she is going to live in the Victors village Where all the victors of the Hunger Games  live their lives. But. the victor village she has to leave ( I think. I forgot but also Peeta lives there to. When president Snow came to her house I was worried about Katniss and what president Snow was going to tell her, But he said that Katniss was going to die (I was like WHAT! WHY! lol) but for one condition (I forgot again lol so sorry) but during the middle she chooses her wedding dress for the “special day with Peeta” then she meets these two woman that live in some district and they are there in district twelve to tell Katniss that there are people still in district 13. They say there are still people under the ground and they are starting to make a rebellion against the Capitol. But later in the book that surprised me was that for the Quarter Quell the winners of the Hunger Games have to battle again! The winners Last Hunger Games have to battle to the death again! But of course Peeta and Katniss live and Katniss tries to tell Peeta about the woman she met and talk about the rebellion on the Capitol. This is a very good book and I loved it so much! I always love the hunger games and I cant wait till Catching Fire comes out in theaters this year, But as always Thanks for reading this and it isn’t the best but this is my second review ever lol, But again thanks guys and cya later!

The Bible Reveiw

•April 1, 2013 • 2 Comments

Hello again guys sorry it has been a while (last time I said the next post will be soon, I lied lol) but I have just watched a series called “The Bible”. It is the whole bible story from beginning to end. It is an amazing series although it is only like 4 to 5 episodes long, today was the last episode “3/31/13” but it is SO AMAZING from the beginning to show that how Adam and Eve have ate the forbidan fruit from the tree to how Jesus says the last words. Funny things thought the angel of death or saiten at the end of the movie the actor look so much like Obama lol it was so funny. But basicly the movie is just stating that how Jesus came into the world and has saved us and clensed us from our sins and died for us because he loved us so much. I would really recommend you watching this, it is now on dvd since 4/1/13 (tomorrow). This is a short blog but it will do. Have a good day and or week and I cya later guys!

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